Fish n Chips

We have been serving fish and seafood in Leadenhall Market for 16 years and have now opened Chamberlain’s Fish n Chips London shop adjacent to our restaurant and terrace. You can read about our history here.

Our fish n chips menu benefits from both sourcing by Chamberlain and Thelwell fishmongers (now in their fourth generation) and an experienced restaurant and kitchen team. This combination of expertise has resulted in restaurant-quality fish and chips and classic accompaniments all prepared and cooked in-house as they should be.

Only the very best fish is sourced direct from boat, to Billingsgate, to kitchen, to plate and every single item has been developed as Chamberlain’s have approached any dish in the restaurant over the past 16 years: with exceptional skill, detail and care.

The traditional menu offers the classic fish n chips with a choice of haddock or cod both sourced from Peterhead, Scotland. Thanks to the ideal conditions of temperature and depth these waters produce the finest examples of both species resulting in beautiful firm flesh and delicate flavour. Additionally to cod and haddock a guest fish will change from week to week dependent on what is at its finest and will cover many different species.

The menu will also offer fishcakes and fish bites. The fishcakes are made in-house with recipes put together by Chamberlain’s Executive Chef Andrew Jones and his team varying from the traditional cod to smoked haddock to Thai crab. The fish bites will depend on season and vary across different species such as Cornish monkfish and Norwegian wild halibut.

The traditional accompaniments are treated with similar attention; tartare and ketchup sauces are homemade, pickled eggs, gherkins and onions are all produced in-house from home-distilled vinegars and mushy peas are made from scratch using traditional soaked marrowfat peas.

Opening Times:
11.30-4:00 pm (may open later Thursday to Friday)

Fisn n Chips




The very best Cod available directly from Chamberlain and Thelwell fishmongers.

Fish Cakes


Salmon and Cod.



Homemade, blanched and then fried to finish.

Large Chips


Larger portion if you just love chips.

Curry Sauce, Mushy Peas


Home made Curry Sauce and Traditional soaked Marrowfat peas.



Gherkins, onions, shallots and eggs are pickled in their own homemade vinegars.

Ketchup, Tartare Sauce


Homemade ketchup and tartare sauce made from mayonnaise mixed with house-pickled gherkins.

Buttered Bap


Traditional wheat bap.

Daily Specials (all £6.95)

Monday: Traditional Saveloy sausage and chips
Tuesday: Fish nuggets, chips and chilli dipping sauce
Wednesday: Battered Cumberland sausage and chips
Thursday: Chicken and mushroom pie with chips
Friday: Breaded whole tail scampi and chips

Weekly Specials (market price)

The best fish available on the market and according to seasonality is selected alongside our house fish of cod.

This Week: Cornish Hake